Technology scouting

  • Dynamic voltage scaling
  • Run-time FPGA reconfiguration
  • Spiking neural networks for pattern recognition

Hardware Design

  • Analog front-end circuitry, mixed-signal data converters
  • System design using FPGA, DSP, ┬Ácontrollers
  • High-speed memory interfaces

High speed multi layer circuit board

  • Signal & power integrity
  • Impedance controlled circuits
  • Embedded passives and high density interconnects

embedded software & digital design

  • Low level driver/firmware development
  • IP core development
  • System design using soft processors

embedded digital signal processing

  • Efficient implementation of complex signal processing algorithms on embedded platforms.

embedded application optimization

  • Power
  • performance
  • Size
  • cost
  • Architecture-specific optimization for DSPs, FPGAs

embedded linux

  • Driver development and porting
  • Linux support for data acquisition, data streaming
  • BSP development
  • Support for various peripherals such as I2C, SPI, UART, USB etc.,

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